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MJ Paci Clip - Please Don't Touch Little Me
MJ Paci Clip - Please Don't Touch Little Me
MJ Paci Clip - Please Don't Touch Little Me

MJ Paci Clip - Please Don't Touch Little Me

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Why You'll Love It
Beautiful and functional. A clip is the perfect choice to keep them close to baby and off the ground. With a kindly reminder to look at your little one and not touch.

I am a mom of 3 premature babies; a rambunctious little boy and younger twin girls. That being said, I know exactly what it can be like in public places where folks are enamored with your baby and forget their manners.  When strangers spread germs by touching and/or kissing our babies it can lead to long nights for momma, unnecessary hospital visits and in worse case scenarios chronic ailments. That is why we have designed and created these pacifier clips with the saying “Please don’t touch little me”. I hope you enjoy these clips as much as my little ones do!

Features 7 silicone marble beads and 1 wooden bead.

The wooden bead is untreated natural wood and are a great option as a teether for your little one!

The silicone beads are made from 100% Food Grade silicone. They are free from BPA, lead, phthalates, latex and cadmium.

CLEANING: *The wood/silicone can be wiped clean with a damp cloth, soap and warm water (do NOT submerge in water).

CAUTION:  THIS IS NOT A TOY. Please check each time your use the Clip for wear and when it shows signs of wear, throw away immediately. As usual, please monitor baby when using the beaded clip. Do not use while baby is sleeping and do not attach the clip around the baby's neck. This item does contain small parts.