DIY Green Eggs & Ham White Chocolate

by Clean Themes Collaborator on January 03, 2018

DIY Green Eggs & Ham White Chocolate

For my sister’s baby shower party (Dr. Seuss Blog),  I created Green Eggs using white chocolate and M&Ms. Here is the tutorial on how to create this or any other shape using white chocolate!

What you will need:
• Melting White Chocolate
• Green M&Ms
• Squeeze Bottles (I found mine at Walmart in the cake decorating section in crafts)
• FREE Egg Stencil 
• Wax Paper
• A pot with hot water- NOT BOILING

DIY Green Eggs White Chocolate

Step 1: Tape the Free Egg Print Sheet onto your counter DIY Green Eggs White Chocolate
Step 2: Tape a sheet of Wax paper over the Egg Print
Step 3: Bring some water in a pan to medium heat (do not boil)
Step 4: Place the melting chocolate inside the Squeeze Bottles, replace red lid
Step 5: Melt chocolate by placing the squeeze bottle in the water, you might have to rotate the bottle. Once the chocolate seems to be almost all melted, remove the bottle carefully using your hand or thongs. Shake the bottle to help melt the remaining chocolate
Step 6: Trace the eggs on the wax paper and fill in with the White Chocolate
Step 7: Place the M&M in the white chocolate with the “M” side facing down.
Step 8: Let the chocolate harden completely (Time will depend on the conditions of your kitchen)
Step 9: Remove from wax paper and secure in a plastic container
Step 10: Repeat steps 4-9 as many times as you want!

• I made the Chocolate Eggs a couple of days before the party. Since it is summer time, I stored the eggs in the freezer!
• If your chocolate starts to get hard to squeeze out, you will need to remelt it.
• If you leave the melted chocolate too long in the heated water, the over melted chocolate will be hard as well
• Once you finished your first batch of eggs, take the top off the squeeze bottle and thoroughly clean the top off. The main bottle can remain with the chocolate. The top needs to be cleaned, you do not want that chocolate to harden in the top.
• You can refile the bottles about 3-4 times.


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