"No Touching" Car Seat Signs

Can I customize the "no touching" tag design or wording?
Unfortunately, the tags are manufactured and can not be customized. 

Do the tags include something to hang them with?
Yes, they include a hanging strap that allows you to secure the tag to various sizes of diameters of car seat handles.

How can I hang my tag on the canopy of my car seat or the canopy of my stroller?
You can get one of our stroller clips to hang your tag off of your car seat. They are a $1 accessory when you purchase the clip and the tag together or you can buy the clip separately for $4.50.

How do I clean my tag?
The signs are completely waterproof. Feel free to use soap and water at home or your favorite sanitizer wipe when you are out and about! The hanging strap can be cleaned with soap and water to remove lint.

Where do I hang my car seat tag?
The included strap allows you to hang the tag anywhere on the car seat handle. I would recommend to the left or the right side of the middle. That way it is not in the way when you are lifting the car seat. There is also an option to add a hanging clip to clip your tag onto the canopy of a stroller or car seat as a paid accessory.

Do I ever need to remove my tag?
Yes, it is recommended to be removed from the car seat while in the car. Also, it is recommended to be removed if you are collapsing and storing your stroller.