Dr. Seuss Themed Baby Shower

by Clean Themes Collaborator on January 03, 2018

Dr. Seuss Themed Baby Shower

I’m excited to share one of my favorite parties that I have planned lately. It was for my older sister who is pregnant with her first boy! As we were scrolling through Pinterest and trying to find different ideas for baby showers for boys my sister mentioned a Dr. Seuss theme. Not going to lie, but at first I kinda thought that was an “overused” theme and I wanted to find something different and unique. But, she seemed pretty set in her ways (as most pregnant mommas are) and that was it!

I was talking to my mom and she was telling me that Jessica’s favorite book growing up was Dr. Seuss’ ABC book. I did some research and reread that book and they idea for the baby shower invitation hit me! It just so happened that the baby’s name is Mathew Scott Gilpin Jr. and they call him “MJ”. Therefore, the invite (inspired by ABC book) would say “Big M, Little J, Baby MJ is on his way!” Here is how the invitation turned out:

Dr. Seuss Themed Baby Shower Invitation

I’m not going to lie, might be one of my favorites!

After the invitation was set, it was time to start thinking of some unique ideas for the shower and how to make it fun and entertaining.

My first idea was to set up a board and have the guests assemble different features from family members into their prediction of what Baby MJ will look like! This, of course, is just for a good laugh more than accuracy! I will do a blog later showing you the step by step process of creating this! There was also a sign that had a Dr. Seuss rhyme telling the guests what they had to do! Everyone at the party seemed to really enjoy it and loved to see who could make the ugliest one! Here is how that turned out:

Dr. Seuss Baby Shower activityDr. Seuss Baby Shower activity

Dr. Seuss Baby Shower activity

Dr. Seuss Baby Shower activityDr. Seuss Baby Shower activity

But with baby MJ being a bow, I decided on making Bow ties. After hours of following the DIY no sew bow tie directions I discovered that they were going to be too hard for a large group of people to make. Therefore, I had to settle on making the no sew bandana bibs station. I took this tutorial as my inspiration. 

Dr. Seuss Baby Shower Create A Bib Activity90-
Dr. Seuss Baby Shower Create A Bib Activity

The next activity for the guests is the guestbook! Since, the mother-to-be wanted everyone to bring a book instead of a card to jump start the baby MJ’s book collection we made the guest book a literal book! I chose the book from Dr. Seuss called “Happy Birthday Baby”. I then left sharpies around and let all the guests write their message to baby MJ! I got the Happy Birthday Baby book from Amazon

Dr. Seuss Baby Shower Guest Book
Dr. Seuss Baby Shower Guest Book

For the food table I used the striped tablecloth. I also created this Banner using pages from Dr. Seuss Books. This Banner is available for you for FREE to download HERE. You just print out the pages and cut along the outline. Then take a hole puncher and make one hole in the top left and right corner. Then string them together on string! My favorite string to use is Twine.
Free Dr. Seuss Food Banner
Dr. Seuss Baby Shower Party Themed FoodDr. Seuss Baby Shower Party Themed Food

Last but not least, is another FREE banner download that says “Mamma To Be”. You can download this banner here

Dr. Seuss Baby Shower Theme Ideas- Mama to Be

Invitations: Tags4Tots
Thank You Cards: Tags4Tots
Dr. Seuss Food Signs: Tags4Tots
Dr. Seuss Baby Shower Your Version Of Me: Tags4Tots
Dr. Suess Baby Shower DIY Baby Bibs: Tags4Tots
Dr. Suess Baby Shower Guest Book Sign: Tags4Tots
Red & White Plastic Table Cloth- Amazon


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