Tan Car Seat 5 in 1  Cover  – I'm Cute & Cuddly But Please Don't Touch Little Me

Tan Car Seat 5 in 1 Cover – I'm Cute & Cuddly But Please Don't Touch Little Me

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    Why You'll Love It

    This soft and stretchy cover is designed to make you and your baby comfortable. Protect your little one from the elements as well as over-friendly well-wishers. 

    Use your cover so many different ways--here are a few great ideas: 

    • Nursing Cover
    • Car seat Cover
    • Grocery Cart Cover for germs
    • Swaddle your baby
    • Highchair Cover
    • Stroller Cover

    • 96% Rayon/4% Spandex

    As a mom of three little babies, I know exactly what it can be like in public places where folks are enamored with your baby and forget their manners. When strangers spread germs by touching and/or kissing our babies (especially premature babies) it can lead to long nights for momma, unnecessary hospital visits and in worse case scenarios chronic ailments.

    I noticed that when I had my car seat covers on that folks still came up and peered inside and sometimes grabbed their feet or cheeks to say how cute they are. We know they all mean well but one little cold for an adult can be a big problem for a newborn, preemie or a little one with a medical condition. 

    "I'm cute and cuddly but please don't reach in and touch little me!"

    This adorable saying is large enough to grab the attention of well wishers and will keep their hands at bay!

    These make great baby-shower gifts as well!


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